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Periscope Kit


Periscope Kit, by Born To Build

Periscope Science Kit is an amazing science kit, which can extend 13 cm, up to approximately 36 cm!

You can even flip the extension to look behind you!

A Periscope Science Kit is an optical instrument used to look at objects from a hidden position (Around a sofa, over a table from underneath, around a corner, from a trench, in a submarine, etc.); using an arrangement of mirrors, lenses or prisms.

In your Periscope, 2 mirrors are arranged at 45° angle, placed at different heights, as shown, such that light higher from your eye level gets reflected vertically down, and the second mirror reflects it back horizontally at your eye level.

Additionally, this periscope uses a telescopic arrangement to alter the distance between the mirrors, and hence your periscope can extend to look even higher while you being safe in the trench!

Your Periscope uses craft acrylic mirrors, which are safe in case of drop.
Simple pictorial instructions included.

Ages 6+

Periscope Science Kit contains small parts, not suitable for children under three years.

Shipping just £1.50. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.

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