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Junk Air


Junk Air, by Go Modelshop

Casting his gaze around the scrap yard like a king surveying his kingdom, genius inventor Mac McMuddle marvelled at all the perfectly good stuff people throw away! As usual, this set his mind to wandering. "I've been itching to build a flying machine, and that old bathtub would make a perfect cockpit. And those two doors by the wood pile might work for wings".

Just then, Mac's dog Scrappy emerged from the rusted boot of an old car dragging a faded, red umbrella. "Thanks Scrappy!" cried Mac, "You've just found the right tail for my little aeroplane!" With that, the inventor grabbed his tool box and got to work.

- One of our best-selling automata kits, now in colour!
- Made from precision laser-cut wood.
- Fantastic learning tool for teaching children about cams and linkages.
- TOTALLY glueless- pieces slot together- no tools, no mess !
- Hand-cranked operation, turn the handle and watch the automaton come to life.
- Complete instructions included.


Designed by Keith Newstead. Born in London in 1956, Keith Newstead is a master designer and builder of automata. Products bearing his name can be found in The MAD Museum, the British Museum, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, and many other tourist sites around the UK and Europe.

What is an automaton?

An automaton can be described as a self-operating machine. Automata have been around for centuries, delighting, humouring and mystifying on-lookers with their lifelike actions. Automata from ancient times include King Solomon's throne with mechanical animals that hailed him as King as he ascended it. In ancient China a talented mechanical engineer presented a lifelike human automaton to the Emperor that could walk, sing, posture and even wink at the ladies of the court. The Emperor was reportedly not amused. Hundreds of years later, in 17th century France, a gifted engineer created the Digesting Duck that appeared to eat, digest and then poo!

Age 8+. Not a toy. Contains small parts which may cause choking.

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