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Lemon Battery

Lemon Battery


Lemon Battery, by Born2Build

The Lemon Battery, is a Galvanic Cell, also known as a Voltaic Cell.

It is an electrochemical cell in which 2 electrodes (Zinc and Copper) are separated by an electrolyte (lemon juice- acidic in nature). This cell derives electrical energy from chemical reactions taking place in the cell.

This simple cell is named after Luigi Galvani & Alessandro Volta, both of whom contributed to inventing and developing the electrochemical cell in (~1780s-1790s). Luigi actually used frogs as the electrolyte.

Why is our Lemon Battery different? We include a Voltmeter so you can conduct meaningful Scientific Experiments to compare voltages of different Galvanic Cells! Of course you can light an LED (also included)!

Kit requires a 9V battery, not included in the kit.

Ages 7-90+.

Kit contains small parts, not suitable of children under 3 years.

Shipping just £1.50. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.

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