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Marble Machine #2 Kit - MAD Factory

Marmormaschine Nr. 2 Bausatz


Marmormaschine Nr. 2, motorisiert von Mad Factory.

Zu sehen im MAD Museum! Der „Papa“ der Serie, Marble Machine #2, ist motorisiert und verfügt über zwei Schienen mit einem Schienenschalter und einem Kugelspeicher. Der Hebemechanismus ist vom Radtyp.

Bis auf Kleber, Schleifpapier und Batterien (2xAA) ist alles enthalten, was Sie zum Zusammenbau des Bausatzes benötigen .

Direkt hier in der MAD Factory aus präzise lasergeschnittenem MDF und Sperrholz hergestellt.

Das Heberrad ist vormontiert und die Taschen für die Kugeln sind in der richtigen Tiefe und im richtigen Winkel gebohrt. Motor, Schalter und Akku sind vorgelötet, für diesen Bausatz ist kein Löten erforderlich.

Anleitung heruntergeladen hier im PDF-Format.

Ein Video des fertigen Murmelmaschinen-Bausatzes Nr. 2 in Aktion ist unten zu sehen.

Abmessungen des fertigen Modells: 250 x 150 x 150 mm

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Customer Reviews

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Alex Shepherd

Personally I absolutely love this ball bearing machine. I'm not quite sure what a previous reviewer was alluding to about the instructions, I found them to be perfectly adequate- you just be patient and methodical folks...and read every step carefully. If you're not sure, read it again, don't rush it.

Don't expect to finish this kit in half an hour! It's not that sort of model. But trust me, it is definitely worth the wait, my finished machine works great and the little diverter at the top which sends marbles one way and then the next is absolutely brilliant and mesmerising!

I was also pleasantly surprised at how reliable the operation is. I was fully expecting my desk to be showered with ball bearings within a couple of minutes of use, especially when I first built it, but they stay on the track very well indeed and it is very rare to see them fall off. The machine runs very quietly and apart from the gentle whirring of the tiny motor, all you can really hear is the satisfying gliding of the metal balls down the track and the little clicks when they collide with each other.

Lastly, for people whinging about it being small, the finished model stands at about 250mm high (you are told this in the description guys!), this is absolutely perfect for my desk and I wouldn't want it any bigger. If you want something big and noisy, there are plenty of other, inferior "marble runs" out there.

Well done MAD team, you should be proud of this kit, it's a little work of art.

Jonatán Gayoso

It was a very satisfying model to build. I was worried that it would not be reliable, but if you put it together correctly, the balls always stay on the track. I am very pleased with it.

Steve Bench

Love this kit, i like making stuff like this and brought one of Mad's other kits so i thought i would take the next step and try this out. Have to admit i was a bit daunted at first, but as long as you take your time you will be rewarded with a great looking and brilliant working marble ball machine......love it!!!!!!

Ellie Cooper

Hi - this was fun! I've never made anything before so it was a bit challenging for me good challenging..... and I was soo glad when I finished it! It looks great and it's nice to tell visitors I made it

Mary Butterball

I saw this working in the mad museum in stratford and wanted to get it for my husband, but i didn't have time to buy it from the shop. However i did get one through the mad factory. My husband absolutely loved it, the instructions are fairly straightforward as long as you take your time with it. He found it very rewarding when he finished making it and the kit now sits on his desk at work.