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Flipper von Smart Toys.

Bauen Sie Ihren eigenen voll funktionsfähigen Flipper aus Holz. Befolgen Sie die beiliegende Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung. Fertiges Gebäude? Werfen Sie die Kugel ab und verwenden Sie die Flossen, um sie im Spiel zu halten, um ein Maximum an Punkten zu erzielen. Können deine Freunde deinen Highscore übertreffen? Erfahren Sie alles über Hebel, Energieumwandlung und Impulsübertragung.

STEM-pädagogisches Bauaktivitätsspielzeug

Alter: 8+
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Hazel Hanley
Smartivity Pinball Machine review

Construction kept my 10 year old really engaged over the course of a week (with some unwanted help from his 6 year old brother and some support from a parent). The instructions
are very clear. The boys absolutely love playing with the finished item and it's great that there are spare parts. Deducting a star because the finished item really needs a storage box otherwise parts will go missing and the cat keeps chewing it: it would make sense to send it out in a box that would fit the final build.


Kept a 10 year old off the tv for 2 whole days with the build.
But that’s only the start, the play experience is gripping with two types of scoring targets and pins which fly out when hit.
Brilliant design with clear build instructions and lasting fun.

Thanks for the great review Andy!!


We visited the mad museum in the February half term and it did not disappoint! We chose from the gift shop this pinball machine by Smartivity. It is awesome! It works so well and has the real feel of a good old fashioned arcade pinball game. My 8 year old daughter managed to put this together by herself. (She is an experience builder so maybe a bit tricky for first timers and may need a bit of adult help). It has been played a lot and it is still holding strong! I would definitely recommend.

Thanks for the wonderful review Josey!!