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Bamboo Marble Runs by Boppi- just in!

boppi marble runs

Bamboo Marble Run by boppi

The boppi bamboo marble runs are eco-friendly and fun. Create and build multiple structures using the connectable parts to allow the marbles to travel from the top of the marble run to the base via the spiral drop, rail tracks, and direction cylinders.

Suitable for table top play due to the round exit rope that collects the marbles as they finish the journey.

Made with bamboo fibre, wood, and 100% recycled plastic.

3 variations now in stock:

48 Pieces + 12 Coloured Marbles
89 Pieces + 16 Coloured Marbles

138 Pieces + 24 Coloured Marbles.

Suitable for ages 3+

Buy now on MAD Factory:

48 piece boppi marble run - product page
89 piece boppi marble run - product page
138 piece boppi marble run - product page



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