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Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of creativity and engineering? Look no further than the Gecko Run Starter Kit! This innovative marble run kit will ignite your imagination and challenge your problem-solving skills. Let’s explore what makes this kit a must-have:

What Is Gecko Run?

Gecko Run takes classic marble runs to new heights. But what sets it apart? The secret lies in its specially designed system of flexible tracks. Unlike traditional marble runs, Gecko Run components can be individually attached to vertical, smooth surfaces using residue-free nano adhesive pads. Imagine creating gravity-defying tracks on doors, glass panes, tiles, or shelves—the possibilities are endless!

The Award-Winning Starter Kit

Our Gecko Run: Starter Kit has garnered acclaim for its ingenuity and educational value. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Flexible Tracks: These durable tracks allow you to build intricate pathways. Adjust, fine-tune, and move them in seconds—no restrictive support structures needed!

  2. Adapters and Lanes: Connect the tracks seamlessly and experiment with different configurations.

  3. Levers and Turns: Add twists, turns, and surprises to your marble’s journey.

  4. Bridges and Switches: Create bridges and change the direction of your marbles.

  5. Funnel and Steel Balls: Watch marbles accelerate through the funnel and race down the tracks.

  6. Nano Adhesive Pads: Stick the components securely to surfaces without leaving any residue.

How It Works

  1. Stick and Assemble: Attach the tracks to vertical surfaces using the nano adhesive pads. Experiment with layouts—over obstacles, around corners, and across doors!

  2. Gravity and Velocity: Observe how gravity affects the marbles’ movement. Learn about velocity, momentum, and engineering principles.

  3. Endless Creativity: The floor remains clutter-free, allowing kids aged eight and above to design their own challenging routes. It’s hands-on learning at its best!

Where to Get Your Gecko Run: Starter Kit

Ready to unleash your inner engineer? You can purchase the Gecko Run: Starter Kit directly from us here at MAD Factory.

Don’t miss out on the rest of the Gecko Run series: Loop, Twister, Snake, and Trampoline. Each expansion pack adds new dimensions to your marble run adventure!

Watch the Gecko Run in action: Gecko Run Video

Remember, Gecko Run isn’t just a toy—it’s a gateway to exploration, innovation, and endless fun!


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