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Production of MAD's Marble Machines

Production of MAD's Marble Machine Kits

We began producing our range of marble kits in January 2016, using our A0-sized laser cutting machine. The precision of such technology ensures that each cut is absolutely perfect, with no errors- every kit produced is identical to the last down to the finest detail. 

MAD Museum laser cutting    MAD Museum laser cutting

The kits were first sold exclusively in our museum gift shop. We set up a cabinet with working models so that people could see the marble machines in action, they proved to be extremely popular with some even commenting that they were the highlight of the museum!

The kits became so popular with our customers, that we struggled to keep up with demand, leading us to invest in a second laser cutting machine. We also had to employ a dedicated full-time member of staff to manufacture the kits. 

In late 2016 we launched our online shop "MAD Factory" so that we could sell our kits to a wider audience. As well as our own marble machines, now and again we also add certain products from selected manufacturers who we feel meet our own high standards of excellence. 

MAD Museum marble kits

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