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Marble Machine #1 Hand Cranked Kit - MAD Factory

Marble Machine No.1 Hand Cranked Kit


Marble Machine No.1 Hand Cranked by Mad Factory.

Marble Machine Number 1 is hand-cranked and has a stairs-type lifting mechanism. The camshaft is geared down to ensure smooth motion.

Made right here at MAD Factory from precision laser cut MDF and plywood. All accessories including ball bearings, washers and spacers. are included with the kit. 

You will just need to provide some PVA glue and sandpaper (not included).

A video of the completed Marble Machine #1 Hand Cranked kit in action can be seen below.

Instructions are in .pdf format and can be downloaded here , whilst step-by-step build videos are now available on our youtube channel here.

Estimated construction time 1-2 hours

Finished model dimensions 140mm W x 110mm D x 120mm H.

Shipping just £1.95. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fred D.

Loved it. Great stuff!

Helen Wells

Loved the MAD Museum and my son bought this - we made it as soon as we got home and he just sits there cranking it and watching the marbles go round and round! Works really well considering we made it. :-D

S. Thomson

Love the MAD Museum in Stratford-Upon-Avon and did not hesitate buying one of these little gizmos when I saw them on display in their little gift shop. Built similar before but I enjoyed this one the most, easy enough to put together with a little patience and a steady hand, I build a lot of kits in general and I would rank this one at 4/10 difficulty. Only extra things you need on top of what's provided with the kit are a small amount of glue and a small piece of sandpaper. Lovely little machine.

Sascha Heinemann

I love marble runs and this kit really appealed to me. I was going to buy the motorised version but I chose this one and I am pleased that I did. It was interesting to build- you don't need much really, mainly some PVA glue and a piece of sandpaper- and I enjoy using it now. It's more reliable than I expected, I'm pleased with it.

Cole MacManus

Very satisfying model of a ball bearing / marble run. It's fairly small and you need to be careful not to mislay the wee ball bearings if they ever fall off the track (which thankfully is almost never!) Would be great if the MAD team could design a bigger version!