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Bi-Plane Kit


Bi-Plane Kit, by Timberkits

Those magnificent men (and women!) in their flying machines come alive with the Timberkits Bi-Plane Kit. Crafted from natural wood, this mechanical marvel allows you to recreate the golden age of aviation. As the propeller spins, your bi-plane swoops and dives through the air, evoking the spirit of daring aviators.

Key Features:

  • Confident Level: Whether you’re a seasoned model builder or a curious beginner, this kit is perfect for you.
  • Mechanical Magic: Witness the magic of basic mechanisms as you assemble your bi-plane.
  • Customization: Add your personal touch by painting the model. Choose vibrant colors to really bring it to life.
  • Finished Model Dimensions:
    • Width: 190mm
    • Height: 270mm
    • Depth: 200mm

We also offer additional accessories you can purchase to further enhance your kits.
Acrylic Paint Set: Enhance your model with vivid colors.
Universal Battery Drive Kit: Add motion to your automaton.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an aviation buff, or simply someone who appreciates craftsmanship, the Timberkits Bi-Plane Kit is an excellent gift for all occasions. 

Shipping just £1.95. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.

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