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Demon Dentist


Demon Dentist, by Timberkits

Let us introduce you to the intriguing Demon Dentist from Timberkits. This mechanical wooden model kit is not your ordinary craft project—it’s an advanced-level automaton that combines engineering and creativity.
Model Description:
The Demon Dentist represents a darkly comic and somewhat disturbing scene. Imagine the eerie waiting room of a dentist’s office, complete with a menacing dentist figure.
The automaton captures the essence of a painful dental experience that resonates with most people.
Advanced Level: This kit is designed for experienced builders who enjoy a challenge.
Natural Wood: The components come in natural wood, ready for assembly.

Width: 250mm
Height: 330mm
Depth: 90mm

To bring your model to life, consider adding paint. Choose colors that evoke the unsettling atmosphere of a dentist’s office.
The finished Demon Dentist will be a unique and eye-catching piece.

We also offer additional accessories you can purchase to further enhance your kits.
Acrylic Paint Set: Enhance your model with vivid colors.
Universal Battery Drive Kit: Add motion to your automaton.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a dental adventure (minus the actual pain!), grab your Demon Dentist kit and let your creativity flow! 🦷🔧🌟

Shipping just £1.95. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aled Fisher

Just brilliant, what a great concept. I'm a dentist and received it as a gift. Never built anything like this before but it wasn't too hard at all and the instructions were comprehensive and easy to follow. It's a great model and provides a great talking point when we've got guests round!

Howard Huckstep

Love this kit, saw it at the mad museum with my kids who surprisingly thought it was hilarious, which made me laugh as i thought it would scare them. Great idea and rewarding kit to make.