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Timbertech Linkages For 4 Learners - MAD Factory

Timbertech Linkages For 4 Learners


Timbertech Linkages For 4 Learners, by Timberkits

A complete set of Timberkit parts for individual design and experimentation. Contains components for children to design and build their own object to bring to life. This kit could form a great holiday, family or school project.

Making a Timberkit is to step into the whole world of Automata, ingenious moving models and scenes. It is an art form in which you can appreciate the magic of mechanical action and a fascinating education and hobby for children and adults of all ages.

After you have made the model you can paint, varnish or customise it in your own personal way then try another! Enjoy the warmth of the natural wood, sourced from sustainable forestry and fully machined with no further need for specialist tools.

All wooden components are shaped and drilled. Includes comprehensive instructions and there is no need for glue or tools.

Suitable for ages 9 -90+, Adult supervision may be required. Kits are supplied in an unbuilt form.

Skill level: Beginner

Product dimensions: 27 x 5.5 x 18 cm

Shipping just £1.95. (Depending on Weight) Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.

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