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Iso-Cube Triple


ISO-CUBE, by Machine Realm


  • Learn to draw exciting 3-dimensional designs in minutes
  • Learn to draw cylinders in the correct axis
  • Learn the isometric overlaying "Drawing Block" method
  • Learn Isometric addition and isometric subtraction
  • Visit to download free instruction tutorials
  • FREE shipping

By using the ISO-CUBE and the ‘Drawing-Block’ method, you can build up an isometric shell, which you can then ‘sculpt’ using ‘isometric addition and subtraction’ techniques. This aid makes light work of what can be difficult for the most experienced of designers – making 2D drawings look truly 3-Dimensional.

Neal Turner (Machine Realm and full-time teacher) and Joseph Birks (MD, Mindsets) have had a longstanding relationship. Neal has a great eye for detail – he’s gone to Joseph a few times in the past with amazing designs and kits. But nothing had piqued Joseph’s interest more than the simplistic beauty of the ISO-CUBE. Being a teacher, Neal originally designed the ISO-CUBE to be more cost-effective and simpler to use than other drawing stencils on the market. Joseph wanted to help Neal get the ISO-CUBE ‘out there’ – so what better place than Kickstarter.

Although originally designed for assisting the teaching of 3D design and isometric drawing (GCSE and A-Level), the ISO-CUBE is for anyone and everyone. Whether you are creative or not, the ISO-CUBE helps you to unlock your potential.

Iso-cube is an educational product, not a toy. Ages 12+

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