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Ocean Motion


Ocean Motion, by Timberkits

A wealth of underwater creatures and plants make up this lively scene of reef life in another Timberscene Moving Postcard.

Making a Timberkit is to step into the whole world of Automata, ingenious moving models and scenes. It is an art form in which you can appreciate the magic of mechanical action and a fascinating education and hobby for children and adults of all ages.

After you have made the model you can paint, varnish or customise it in your own personal way then try another! Enjoy the warmth of the natural wood, sourced from sustainable forestry and fully machined with no further need for specialist tools.

All wooden components are shaped and drilled. Includes comprehensive instructions and there is no need for glue or tools.

Suitable for ages 9 -90+, Adult supervision may be required. Kit is supplied in an unbuilt form.

Level: Intermediate

Shipping just £1.95. Paypal accepted, no new customer registration necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Helen Mitchell-Carter

I've a big fan of the Timberkits range, I've used a few of these in the past to help show my kids how cams and linkages work. This particular model is one of my favourites and has certainly gone down very well with my daughter especially.

Many thanks for the generous review Helen, I'm glad that you enjoyed the Ocean Motion kit :)

Cian O'Donnell

What an absolutely adorable automaton. I was overjoyed when somebody bought me this for my birthday as I'd actually had my eye on it since visiting The MAD Museum a few months earlier. My only complaint is that perhaps it could have been a little more challenging to build, I found it just a little easy, but that's a very minor niggle and is just a personal thing really.

Lilly Knight

I'd previously bought the London Cityscape kit from the same manufacturer, which is of the same type, I think the parts have been laser cut. I like this one just as much, I find it quite uplifting to play with and the moving underwater scene is very fun to watch. Highly recommend.

Mia Horan

If you've built the London Cityscape kit by the same company, then this is very similar in style (the pieces are laser cut I believe?). Produces a nice moving scene when you crank the handle with lots going on.